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"Slow and steady not only wins the race, it creates a long lasting impression and legacy. "
- Founder Victoria Hood


Pamplemousse PR, founded in 2019, is a lifestyle public relations boutique focused on art and culture, design and home, food and wine, as well as travel and hospitality. Set on being different and respectful, creativity, enthusiasm, and originality are Pamplemousse PR's recipe for success. Focused on a multi-faceted and analytical approach, Pamplemousse PR keeps you relevant in today's conversations while remaining true to your brand and aligned with your company's growth. Finally, with a network that spans across North and South America, Europe and Asia, Pamplemousse PR offers international outreach and opportunities while remaining mindful of roots, locale and tradition. 

Founder Victoria Hood has over fifteen years of experience in Paris, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York. Victoria is known for her creative thinking, cosmopolitan outlook and witty energy regarding brand positioning and promotion. Victoria has, since the beginning of her career in 2005, undertaken assignments for a variety of established companies and innovative startups. Victoria is also the Communications Director for renowned architecture and design firm – Jeffrey Beers International. Born in London and raised between Europe, New York City, Litchfield County, and Sao Paulo, Victoria graduated from American University in Paris with a BA in Comparative Literature, subsequently earning an MA in Global Communications. She currently resides between Brooklyn, NY and Sharon, CT with her mixed-breed dog, Otis.

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